Transparent background

Ilya 6 years ago updated by Scott Linklater 5 years ago 5
Please add the opportunity to remove background or to set it oppacit to 100%
Thank you!

Yes please offer an option for transparent backgrounds. Thanks.

Under review

We are in the process of testing this feature and plan to roll it out as a new option at the beginning of 2016!

Any update around this? I will cancel my account in cas you decide not to do it. It's a real must for me now


Hi Gregg,

We had to push this feature back a bit, but it is our main focus this month. We will keep you posted!

Team MotionMail


What's happening with this feature? I have a paid account and love the product but i can't keep using it without a transparent background option either.

It causes the timers to look really average when they are required.

Can you please give us a date this will be implemeneted?