Translate days/hours/minutes/seconds

Boozter 7 years ago updated by Tuomo J 7 years ago 14
thanks for this great tool! Is it possible to translate the days/hours/minutes/seconds into my own language? I can localise the time but cannot find how to localise the time variables.

Thanks in advance.
Kind regards Youri Boesberg
This is currently not possible, but we like the idea. We've added it to our list of improvements. Thanks for the feedback!
Just tried to embed COUNTDOWN in email but on opening of this mail i see the embed-code but not the image of the timer?
Only when clicking on that code a new page opens with the timer.
Thanks for clarifiyng. André (BELGIUM)
Hi André,

Are you adding the countdown timer directly into your email from a email client (e.g. Gmail, Outlook)? If so, this post might be relevant to you: My emails show the countdown timer embed code instead of the timer itself. What am I doing wrong?
This is something that would be very useful to me, as I'm planning to use the timers in multi-language dynamic email campaign across 15 different countries. If I'm able to tailor what the words for the time metrics are (day, hour, minute), this would be a life saver.
Hi Alia,

We are currently working out the best approach to this feature and plan to start production on it soon.

What languages are you interested in specifically?
Spanish please! Or as Youri says, completely editable.
The biggest email audiences for my campaigns are Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Netherlands, Portugal, Sweden, Norway and Denmark. 
This feature is currently in production and translations for all the languages you mention will be included in our next release.
This feature is complete and will be included in the next release!
Awesome!! Looking forward to this one!!
It would be a nice feature to be able to customize this entirely to allow the use of e.g. slang words that are not official translations. Also this is missing e.g. Finnish, which would be near mandatory for our purposes.