More Clock Designs Options

ho100ho 7 years ago updated by MotionMail Team 7 years ago 8

Love MotionMail. Great, clean countdown clock solution. Just providing a "nice to have" suggestion for future releases if possible :)

There are other free countdown clock solutions available on the net. While MotionMail has lots of added features in terms of back end option and data collection, I feel that front-end variations is a key component to really help sell to the masses.

Eg. Sort of like the auto-response business. In the beginning, lots of back-end features but all emails where just text based. Then someone like MailChimp came along, along making available nice front end customizable solutions as well as a robust back-end system. I see your business model similar to this.

I would like to see more design options to really set it way above the competition and help us email/web marketer choose the best design option to fit in with our branding look/feel.

Understand this isn't an overnight fix. Just throwing it out there for consideration. Would love to see MotionMail grow into something big.

SEO is another issue but then that's for another forum post :)

Under review
We're glad you enjoy using MotionMail! We plan to add more timer styles and options to customize your timers in future releases.
Please let us know if you have any specific requests for timer styles!
Great, thank you for giving us some examples to work with! The digital clock looks straight-forward. The flip clock might not be possible for now, but we'll look into it!
Hi ho1ooho,

We introduced a new font a couple of weeks ago to match the digital clock look you suggested. See an example below:


The flip clock design is not possible in our current implementation. We will keep your suggestion in mind for future iterations.
We are also working on developing new timer styles to add to the four existing ones.