API Information

This is for nerds only.If you would like to use the same countdown timer design with a different DateTime or a dynamic DateTime generated from your server, then using our API sounds like it's right for you. This is beneficial if you have system generated emails that need a countdown timer.

Example request
Note: the datetime value should be formatted accordingly, yyyy-MM-ddTHH:mm:ss (ISO 8601).
                          $ curl https://api.motionmailapp.com/tokens/datetime \
                            -u c30ca519-8d8b-4989-b05b-a2a00102d7c2:2d3b4600-89b0-4de5-8f8a-a2a00102d7c2 \
                            -d datetime=2015-08-16T17:24:59 \
Example token response
Note: the Value parameter is your new DateTime Url Token
                            "DateTimeCreated": "8/14/2015 5:24:59 PM +00:00",
                            "OriginalValue": "2015-08-16T17:24:59",
                            "Success": true,
                            "Data": "cjyCXDJBz73MDKo%2b6vGYlNLrBDfu9miZmshGelMycRs%3d"
Example error response
                            "DateTimeCreated": "8/14/2015 5:24:59 PM +00:00",
                            "Message": "Invalid DateTime value.",
                            "Param": "DateTime",
                            "StatusCode": "400",
                            "Type": "Bad_Request"
How to use the DateTime Url Token
After you have successfully generated the token, you simply append it to your embed code image url
<img src="...?endDateTimeToken=cjyCXDJBz73MDKo%2b6vGYlNLrBDfu9miZmshGelMycRs%3d" />

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