Plan : Bootstrap does not work with endDateTimeToken generated for API.

Ryan Nasir 8 months ago 0

Hi, I am using endDateTimeToken for custom dates but it does not work with the Bootstrap paid plan, but when I tried the same token with free countdown time it work perfectly fine.

Bootstrap Paid Plan:
Counter without token : https://s.mmgo.io/t/BicS
 Counter with token : https://s.mmgo.io/t/BicS?endDateTimeToken=yvnbtQ%2Bd2TmWItY8zPyuon6%2Bi3LEhzolGrdRqDR3JcU%3D
Free Plan:
 Counter without token : http://s.mmgo.io/t/BicR
 Counter with token : http://s.mmgo.io/t/BicR?endDateTimeToken=yvnbtQ%2Bd2TmWItY8zPyuon6%2Bi3LEhzolGrdRqDR3JcU%3D

Please let me know if you need any more details from me.