Why does my timer stop counting down after a while when I view it in an email?

The MotionMail countdown timer is developed with the constraints of email in mind. We optimize the size of our timer images by limiting the duration to 45 seconds, which we expect is plenty of time for someone viewing your email in most cases. Every time your email is re-opened, the countdown timer will start ticking down again.

Can I include timers in my MailChimp campaigns?

No problem at all! MotionMail countdown timers fit right into MailChimp's easy to use email builder. Simply drag a text block into your email layout and select the source editor (look for <>). Copy and paste the timer embed code and you're done! Read this blog post for a more detailed step-through: Countdown timers in your mailchimp emails

How does MotionMail deal with time zones?

One of the important benefits of using MotionMail is that you no longer have to worry about sending emails to people in different time zones.  No calculations needed on your side or by the person opening your email. All you have to do is indicate which time zone the timer should use and we do all the math for you. The recipient
sees how much time is left based on the end date and time in the time
zone you select.

What counts as an impression?

An impression is counted every time an email containing your timer is opened. This means that if a recipient opens the email more than once, multiple impressions will be recorded and deducted from your monthly credits. Unopened emails do not count as impressions.

What happens when I run out of credits?

It depends. If you are on our Free Plan the timer will no longer render. All of our premium plans allow for overage. This means that your timer will continue to show, and you will get billed on a per credit basis at the end of your billing cycle. The overage price per credit differs per plan and are listed on the pricing page: http://motionmailapp.com/pricing

For example: you are signed up for the Bootstrap plan, but you use up 120,000 credits instead of the allotted 100,000. At the end of the billing cycle, you will be charged an additional 20,000 * $0.0001 = $2 for overages.

Is MotionMail supported by all email clients?

We've successfully tested our timer in all major email clients. The only client that does not support animated GIFs and therefor our timer are the newer versions of Outlook (2007, 2010 and 2013). For more details, please see this helpful write-up by Litmus: https://litmus.com/blog/a-guide-to-animated-gifs-in-email Althought the timer does not animate, it will show the first frame providing the recipient with a decent fallback experience.

What is MotionMail?

MotionMail provides an easy way to include countdown timers in your
email campaigns. It's a great new way to enhance the look of your emails
and engage your readers. The timer shows your recipients the exact
amount of time left and thus eliminates the risk of anyone missing out
due to ambiguous deadlines. Watching the timer tick down creates a sense
of urgency for potential customer to act and leads to more conversions.

Can I include timers in my Constant Contact email campaigns?

Combining MotionMail timers with your Constant Contact email campaigns is extremely easy. It's a simple matter of inserting the timer embed code into your Constant Contact email template. For more details, check out this blog post: Using MotionMail with Constant Contact Email Marketing

What is a credit and how many do I get?

Credits are used to keep track of your usage of MotionMail. A credit is
used up every time someone views an email containing your countdown
timer - an impression. The number of credits you can use up each month
depends on the plan you choose.

You can view the plans which are available here:

If you use more than the number of credits you have left in your account, an overage charge will apply. Some plans allow credits to roll over to the next month.

Who uses MotionMail?

MotionMail could be used by practically anyone sending out emails
announcing a deadline. Retailers, event planners, you name it. Use
MotionMail to show how much time is left until the kickoff or end of a
big sale, the release of a new product, the end of a ticket sale or when
RSVPs to your party are due.