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"Message":"Invalid parameter length.","Param":"DateTime"

Nick T 3 years ago 0
Starting to get very frustrated with the api -
This is my payload:
I have also tried using the key "datetime" and formatting the timestamp with the timezone.
Unfortunately, nothing seems to work.
The error message is consistently:
{"DateTimeCreated":"2015-07-31T03:47:04.1267176","Message":"Invalid parameter length.","Param":"DateTime","StatusCode":400,"Type":"Bad_Request"}

Clocks not loading in Dotmailer email sends or "view online" window

E Howard 3 years ago 0
Hi there,

Is Motionmail aware of any rendering/loading issues with clocks at present?
Clocks embedded in Dotmailer emails are failing to load in test sends or in web browsers.

This isn't an issue we have seen before - it has occurred since the weekend. Trying to work out if it is a Dotmailer issue or Motionmail.

Many thanks,

MotionMail Team 2 years ago

Hi Leonard, Brian,

We were experiencing higher error rates in some regions for a period of time. We believe we have resolved the issue.

Please let me know if you are having any issues still.

Sincerely, Adam


Countdown clock not working on iphone

McLean Roberts 3 years ago 0
I created a countdown clock and added it to an email blast we sent out. It works great on my computer, but on my iphone the minute goes back and forth from 49 to 50. Does anyone know what the issue might be? Thanks

Counter jumps forward

LIDA 3 years ago 0

We are looking at using a timer for the first time and have run into an issue with testing.

The timer gif appears to jump forward part way through, from >

Has anyone experienced this?

Also is there a way to increase the number of frames above 45?



Need to add colors to background and offer color change of layout.

Steven Block 3 years ago 0
At present one color and one format.
Need to change color of background, and also of other parts if possible.

Clock doesn't count down in Office on PC

andrew.bajcar@bathrooms.com 3 years ago • updated by MotionMail Team 3 years ago 1
Having issues with countdown timer working if Office on PC but works fine in Office on a Mac.
On Mac the count down ticks down but on PC only changes when I come back to open the email
Any help would be great
Thanks in advance
MotionMail Team 3 years ago
Hi Andrew,

Some versions of Outlook do not support animated GIFs. In this case the first frame is displayed, which is correct timer wise but has no motion.

You can see this post for a link to more information.

Under review

Impressions are incorrect

Nigel 3 years ago • updated 3 years ago 2
We sent out a campaign on September 17th and have had over 56,000 opens yet the impressions have been stuck on 94 for days.

Could you explain why this is happening?

Timer preview not working while editing timer

Jack Mazafi 2 years ago 0

while editing/creating new timer the preview is not working


Counter doesn't work in an email

FMWFCHamber 3 years ago 0
Hi Support,

We used this code in our html email and the counter doesn't work at all. We don't use Google Mail.   We send it out directly to our members.  Please advise. Thank you.<div align=”center”><img src="http://s.mmgo.io/t/CrE" alt="motionmailapp.com" /></div>