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Countdown not working

Chris Mfm 2 years ago • updated by MotionMail Team 2 years ago 3

Hi, Our countdown timers aren't working in our emails that we have sent out this morning. Were working earlier but not now. Just seeing a 'motionmailapp' icon in place of the timer. Please fix! Please reply to list-mfmteam@futurenet.com

MotionMail Team 2 years ago

Our sincere apologies. We had increased error rates for a period of time, but we are now at 100% across all monitored regions. We have now put into place additional monitoring and capacity scaling to ensure that we are totally stable through Cyber Monday and moving forward.

Please let us know if you continue to see any issues.

Under review

"Include Days" feature not calculating correctly

ho100ho 4 years ago • updated by MotionMail Team 4 years ago 4
Within the clock settings, there is "Include Days". I cannot find any explanation/help info to see if I am using this correctly. Although it sounds self explanatory, I would like to state my use here to see if I am using it correctly.

If I am setting a campaign to end in 2 days times and

a) "Include Days"=Yes, it should show something like 1 Day, 23 Hours, 59 mins, 30 secs and continue to count down.

b) "Include Days" = No, it currently just drops off the number of days. So in the above examples, it would display: 23 Hours, 59 mins, 30 secs. But what is the purpose of that as it doesn't show the correct end time? Should it have added the 24 Hours from the 1 day to the calculation to now show 47 Hours, 59 mins, 30 secs?

Again, not sure if this is a bug or is designed correctly am I am not using it correctly. Would appreciate some insight on this? Thanks.

Centering Counter in Mail Chimp

Firstnotlast 3 years ago 0
How do I center the countdown clock in Mail Chimp? I tried adding align="middle" but that didn't seem to work (I'm not a coder, so I may have done it wrong). Please help!

Time displayed

sgreeen 1 year ago 0

Is there a way to display "DAYS" only?


can motion mail be used with Infusionsoft

Paul Zack 1 year ago 0

can motion mail be used with Infusionsoft


Motionmail in an autoresponder

sarahinshape 1 year ago 0

Is there anyway to put motion mail in an auto responder email?

Obviously there would be no set date, it was have to be triggered when the person opened the email/signed up.

Is this possible?


Dynamic Counter with Marketo's System Date

Siddharth Shukla 2 years ago 0


Could you guys guide me how to use the API for picking up end time from Marketo servers? I'm not from the technical background, need your help on how to use the code provided by you.


compatability with EMMA

Marci Whitman 2 years ago 0

Is the tool compatible with EMMA email marketing? I didn't see it in your list and or if this uses a shortcode or direct integration.

Under review

Vat Receipt

Charlotte Peers 2 years ago • updated by MotionMail Team 2 years ago 1

I've contacted Motion Mail requesting a vat receipt for a recent purchase as this was on my company account, but I am yet to receive a response via email. Is there a direct number I can use from the UK to speak to someone about this?