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What happens when the countdown reaches its zero? What message is displayed?

Ro Davies 2 years ago • updated by MotionMail Team 2 years ago 1

Timer looks could be more tweakable

Giannis Antonis 4 years ago • updated by MotionMail Team 4 years ago 2
Freaking awesome service.. Seriously i was looking for this for days! thanks!
Anyway, I hope in the feature we get to be able to do more tweaks on the timer's looks.. :) Again awesome work guys!

fix a small spelling mistake in hebrew

Omry Revach 3 years ago • updated by MotionMail Team 3 years ago 4
the hebrew timer has a small mistake in the "hour" translation.
it's present "השעות" instead of "שעות" 
(or in english - "the hours", instead of "hours")

would love if you can fix that.

Timer working in IOS but not in Gmail, it always has before.

Tyler Turner 2 years ago • updated by MotionMail Team 2 years ago 2


Can you confirm that the timers are working in gmail? They are showing up zeroed out, but showing up fine in IOS.

Also, while requesting a password update I was getting a server error, but ended up remembering.


Under review

Same clock, different output

Giulia De Monte 3 years ago • updated by MotionMail Team 3 years ago 1
I just found something very weird:Ii put the same clock on 2 different DEM and, in the initial settings, I enable local language.
During test (and therefore, I checked the test email from the same account), the clock had 2 different output in two different emails.

Just to be clear: the clock was put first in a DEM aimed to UK users (and therefore, all the links in the email belongs to the UK domain) and then, in another one to international user (domain .com).
The UK email test shows the timer how should be seen by someone located in the UK...but I was checking the email from another time zone.

At the end, the output was correct..but I would like to understand why, 'cause the time format should be based on the time table of the browser - and my browser, by now, is located in Italy.
Thank you for your help,

Re-generating countdown timers for triggered/automated emails

Jim Maddock 4 years ago • updated by MotionMail Team 3 years ago 5
Is it possible or on the road map to create a re-generating countdown timer, in the case of an automated win-back email campaign.

For example:
Every day your freshly lapsed customers receive a win-back email with a 72 hour countdown to use their 10% discount code

At the moment it's not possible without generating a new timer manually each time, and inserting it into the email.

Https support

Luke 2 years ago • updated by MotionMail Team 2 years ago 1

The product is great and works in emails perfectly. I have also depoyed it to a web page where it works on http but not https. Our site is completely https and therefore it blocks non-secure content. That means it won't pull the timer in because it sits on an http server. Is it possible to create links to an https location?


Sorting by 'end time' doesn't work

Jim Maddock 4 years ago 0
Viewing the dashboard of my timers, if I click the 'end time' column, I'd expect it to sort by that column lowest to highest (eg to view timers ending most in the future on top) but it seems to sort randomly. Just flagging!

'Copy' a timer

Jim Maddock 4 years ago • updated 4 years ago 5
If I'm running timers for different time zones, and want to keep the same styling, it would save much time to be able to to simply 'copy' or duplicate a timer.

the timer does not show when I copy/paste the embedded code

Esmond Burke 2 years ago 0

I check my out to ensure that it support html and it does; however, the timer does not show when I copy/paste the embedded code. The sample timer show in the same email account. What am I doing incorrect?.