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McAfee Firewall

Alex Oracle 3 years ago • updated by MotionMail Team 3 years ago 1
FYI, I see this message from my corporate firewall when I try to view a countdown timer on your domain: s.mmgo.io. You can contact: sites@mcafee.com to have it removed.


This website has a Security Reputation Rating of High Risk.
It is a known site for malicious software distribution and malicious intent.
Malware, or malicious software, is software designed to infect your computer for the purpose of secretly gathering information and/or to gain access to your computer to conduct illegal activities.

Phishing emails, such as Shipment Deliveries or Faxes are another source of infections and malicious URLs that may coax you into accessing this site.

For more information on malware and website reputation, see the Warning Banner FAQ, located on the GIT Risk Management site.

This warning is to help prevent your computer from becoming infected with malware.

If you believe the Reputation is incorrect, please email sites@mcafee.com and request to have the URL reviewed.

Alert: This website has a Security Reputation Rating of High Risk
URL: http://s.mmgo.io/t/Fiw
Category: Marketing/Merchandising
Site Reputation: Medium Risk
Code: Reputation Coaching