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change days/hours/minutes/seconds text color only.

Jared D 3 years ago 0
In the example for counter 1 (the first counter type you are able to select on the left) the text below the numbers is grey while the numbers are white. Is it not possible to do this exact same thing when creating a timer?

How do you center the timer in mail chimp email campaigns?

Scott Heliker 2 years ago 0

Wondering how to center the timer in Mail Chimp Email Campaigns. Tried inline CSS but doesn't seem to be working.

Also noticed that because this is image code, the font on a phone in mail chimp becomes smaller when using this code. You have to use Image block in their drag and drop editor for some reason to not affect text size on a mobile phone for images.

Any work around to these?

Thanks Scott


Why our timers not showing anymore?

Kelly Saux 2 years ago • updated by MotionMail Team 2 years ago 2

Cyber Monday!!!! Come on. Not the right time for your service to fail!

MotionMail Team 2 years ago

We had increased error rates for a period of time, but we are now at 100% across all monitored regions. We have now put into place additional monitoring and capacity scaling to ensure that we are totally stable through Cyber Monday and moving forward.

Please let us know if you continue to see any issues.


48 hour timer

Wayne Chow 3 years ago 0
I was wondering if it is possible to put a 48 hour countdown timer that begins as soon as I send an email out? I want to let my clients know they have 48 hours to complete their payment. It would be nice to just send out a 48 hour timer without having to adjust a date every time. Thanks!

Additional 'days exclude' options

Sara Perle 3 years ago 0
It would be great to be able to select 'day exclude' and have the hours of the remaining days roll into the 'hours' field and/ or have an option for the 'days' field to turn off when there are fewer than 1 days left.

Evergreen timer

Jeff Gaudette 2 years ago 0

Would be pretty neat if we could create an evergreen timer, so instead of ending on a specific day the countdown would end after a certain amount of time (say 5 days from opening)




option to delete timer

Gabriel de Kadt 4 years ago • updated by MotionMail Team 4 years ago 4
MotionMail Team 4 years ago
Thank you for your feedback. We've added the option to delete/archive timers to our feature road map and it will show up within the next few releases.
Under review

Retina Displays

Brian Helsby 3 years ago • updated by MotionMail Team 3 years ago 1
The countdowns appear pixelated on retina screens. Is there a way to export a larger image and then constrain it with css?

Reset timer to time down each day

Libby McWaters 3 years ago 0
My company offers a same day delivery service for orders placed prior to 1pm, how can I have this go to zero at 1pm but reset at 12am the next day? And is it possible to exclude weekends?
Under review

How to change text color?

Chí Cường Lương 3 years ago • updated by MotionMail Team 3 years ago 1
I try to change color of text (DAYS/ HOUR/ MINUTES/ SECONDS) other than the color number the same as your image slider on the website. I attached your image below.

But I can't see any option to design it.Please let me know why. Thank you