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This is really great but could it turn to a static image that's linked somewhere when the time runs out?

Rick Dawson 7 ár síðan updated by Stuart Dessler 7 ár síðan 3
Unless I'm missing it, it doesn't look like you can send program the time to turn into a "promo over" image that might allow a waiting list signup or something.

Or am I missing how to do that.
MotionMail Team 7 ár síðan
This feature is currently not available; the timer will simply show 0's indicating time has run out. We will consider the option to show a custom message instead.

Transparent background

Ilya 6 ár síðan updated by Scott Linklater 5 ár síðan 5
Please add the opportunity to remove background or to set it oppacit to 100%
Thank you!

Translate days/hours/minutes/seconds

Boozter 7 ár síðan updated by Tuomo J 7 ár síðan 14
thanks for this great tool! Is it possible to translate the days/hours/minutes/seconds into my own language? I can localise the time but cannot find how to localise the time variables.

Thanks in advance.
Kind regards Youri Boesberg

How do you center the timer in mail chimp email campaigns?

Scott Heliker 5 ár síðan 0

Wondering how to center the timer in Mail Chimp Email Campaigns. Tried inline CSS but doesn't seem to be working.

Also noticed that because this is image code, the font on a phone in mail chimp becomes smaller when using this code. You have to use Image block in their drag and drop editor for some reason to not affect text size on a mobile phone for images.

Any work around to these?

Thanks Scott


End slate option

Eden Guin 7 ár síðan updated by MotionMail Team 7 ár síðan 1
Let us choose a custom image / text when timer expires!

Timer not showing

Daniel DNZ 5 ár síðan updated by MotionMail Team 5 ár síðan 3

Hi hello,

This morning (12:00 > Amsterdam time) I've send a newsletter with a timer. I've tested is just short before the live sending and it all worked perfectly. But just after sending the mailing tou our ~4800 subscribers I notist the timer did not display anymore. Your website was also unreachable, I saw a mySQL error.

Now, 1,5 hour later the timer is still not visible in the mailing. The number of impressions is still 0.

What is going wrong?

Kind regards,


MotionMail Team 5 ár síðan

Our sincere apologies. We had increased error rates for a period of time, but we are now at 100% across all monitored regions. We have now put into place additional monitoring and capacity scaling to ensure that we are totally stable through Cyber Monday and moving forward.

Please let us know if you continue to see any issues.


More Clock Designs Options

ho100ho 7 ár síðan updated by MotionMail Team 7 ár síðan 8

Love MotionMail. Great, clean countdown clock solution. Just providing a "nice to have" suggestion for future releases if possible :)

There are other free countdown clock solutions available on the net. While MotionMail has lots of added features in terms of back end option and data collection, I feel that front-end variations is a key component to really help sell to the masses.

Eg. Sort of like the auto-response business. In the beginning, lots of back-end features but all emails where just text based. Then someone like MailChimp came along, along making available nice front end customizable solutions as well as a robust back-end system. I see your business model similar to this.

I would like to see more design options to really set it way above the competition and help us email/web marketer choose the best design option to fit in with our branding look/feel.

Understand this isn't an overnight fix. Just throwing it out there for consideration. Would love to see MotionMail grow into something big.

SEO is another issue but then that's for another forum post :)


I can't save timer error message

andrew.bajcar@bathrooms.com 6 ár síðan updated by MotionMail Team 6 ár síðan 3
I'm trying to create a new tgimer but I keep getting an error message saying ' We could not save your timer. Please try again.' Any ideas why this is?
Thanks in advance

counter images are not showing​

Leonardm@teachco.com 5 ár síðan updated by MotionMail Team 5 ár síðan 4

counter images are not showing

MotionMail Team 5 ár síðan

We should be back to 100% and the delay should be normal now. Thanks for being a MM customer and our sincere apologies for this issue.

Under review

If 'days' is excluded by admin, can the clock allow more than 24 'hours' to be displayed?

Jim Maddock 7 ár síðan updated by MotionMail Team 7 ár síðan 1
Eg, so it displays '36 hours' remaining.

This would be good for running a 48 hour promotion for example, where you don't really want the 'day' field showing.